STACY FORRESTER/ OWNER

The Store

Sawyer Land & Sea Supply was born with the intention of bringing to Santa Cruz more than just another surf shop. We carefully select apparel and supplies to outfit you with things that are at once unique and useful. Geared toward the active, outdoor Californian, we suggest that style and comfort do not need to be sacrificed on our adventures. Inside our West Side shop you'll find men and women's apparel with our custom logos, as well as brands like Patagonia, Woolrich, Alite, Strawfoot, Seea, Sundry, Topo Designs, Aviator Nation, and many more. 

We exclusively sell custom boards, shaped by some of the best — Travis Reynolds, Ashley Lloyd, and Ryan Lovelace, to name a few. Sawyer frequently doubles as a venue, playing host to a variety of film screenings and art shows. 

Sawyer is also an authorized dealer for Axxe Classic Wetsuits and we provide private fittings by appointment. 

The name Sawyer pays tribute to proprietor Stacy Forrester’s grandfather, her two old dogs Huckleberry and Finn, and is a nod to author Mark Twain and his ever-adventurous characters.