Alex's Artist Statement

Water, in all of its forms, is one of the balancing life forces for all living things.  Of these forms of water, it is the liquid state that has influenced my life more than any other.  Being a fisherman and wave rider, I have spent an infinite number of hours staring at oceans, lakes, streams, which later led to looking at puddles and unnatural bodies of water.  The surface of water can be activated and influenced by so many different forces causing to be a continuous canvas of change.  As the sun slides across the horizon in its path of rejuvenation and life dispensing forces, its light travels through an ever-changing atmosphere to finally arrive upon a kinetic landscape.  As light reaches its destination, it penetrates the molecular movement, and forms a dance hall of color and rhythm.  Every moment of time projects a new face that is never similar to the last.  In my artwork I work to communicate this natural phenomenon.  I reference feelings that I had from past experiences, like sitting on my board staring at the vast Pacific Ocean in Rapa Nui.  Other experiences like fishing in the Strait of Juan de Fuca as the gray sky blanketed the blackened emerald green water for days at a time, move me to share these powerful meditative moments.  I do not attempt to create realistic snap shots of these events.  Only painted remembered heart poundings and imaginative movements of color can attempt to duplicate that which can never be duplicated.  


Thank you!