Go There: Kings Canyon National Park

Need some inspiration for your next camping trip? We've got it. Kings Canyon National Park, nestled in the Southern Sierras is the perfect place for a long weekend of car camping or a longer backpacking trip. We set up camp in Cedar Grove at the Sheep Creek Campground. Of course we packed (easily!) our Primus Basecamp Stove, our Snowpeak Aluminum Bowls, and our Kleen Kanteen insulated pint. We like to call this the "transitional" cup 'cus it so easily holds all your necessary beverages, from coffee, to iced tea, to that frosty evening (or afternoon?!) beer. 

Tip: Pre-make meals and freeze in zip lock bags. When you thrown them in the cooler they keep the rest of your goodies cool and then, like us, you're enjoying Spaghetti Bolognese fireside. Badass. Don't forget the wine!

Blueberry Hot Camp Cereal 

Try this easy recipe! 

Bob's 10 Grain Hot Cereal. Follow the directions on the bag, but add 2 egg whites and 1 TBL of Almond or Peanut Butter while cooking. Throw in some flax seeds at the end.  

Top with fresh berries and walnuts (or any nuts)!

This bowl of goodness will start your day off right.