Fourth of July: Outfitted by Sawyer

How did you celebrate America this year?

We beat the heat lakeside at Pinecrest. Of course we packed the car with all the essential gear from Sawyer for the perfect holiday weekend. Take a look at what helped make our Fourth rad, comfortable, and stylish! 

ALITE CAMP CHAIRS. These are literally the lightest chairs you've ever packed. They fold up into a little case that will fit easily in your beach bag, leaving plenty of room for that six pack.

ALITE WATERPROOF BEACH MAT. Better than a beach blanket. Large enough for all your buddies. Perfect spot for your wet puppy. 


This waterproof speaker connects wirelessly and projects sound louder than a bear's roar. Maybe we shouldn't have taken it to the woods? But it really made that cabin deck dance party possible. We'll take our chances. 


We never leave the house without a couple of these hats in tow. Plenty of new styles, sizes, and colors are now available at Sawyer. Unless we buy them all first. 

YELLOW LEAF HANDWOVEN HAMMOCK. We strung up the hammock in the shade to relax after a long day in the sun. There is not a better place to sip a beer and watch the sun set over the trees. Plus these hammocks do real good in the world. Yellow Leaf hammocks create sustainable jobs and empower the weavers and their families to break the cycle of poverty.