Guest Post from Tyler at Baetis & Stone

When you live in the city, life can get a little crazy from time to time.  Escaping the constant traffic, impending deadlines, and finding some fresh air is must.  Whether it's a day trip down Highway One for a surf session or a weekend trip to the Sierras, getting out there always helps to clear the mind. 

A few weeks ago, my girlfriend Ashley and I went camping near Sonora Pass.  Although we spent plenty of time lounging around the campfire, we also got out for some hiking and Ashely got to catch her first fish on a fly.  We were lucky enough to land a few rainbow trout in the main river and a few wild Lahontan Cutthroat in one of the high mountain tributaries.  She was stoked to see fish rising to her dry fly and to have mountain peaks casting shadows instead of skyscrapers was just what the doctor ordered.

After a solid day in the sun, we cooked dinner on cast iron pans and the camp grill while drinks were kept ice cold in the Yeti.  We polished off the night taking in the stars while warming our tired feet by the fire.  

To say a weekend in the mountains, standing knee deep in the river was a welcome respite from the buzz of the city, would be an understatement.  Sawyer's a rad spot to get all your provisions for a trip to the mountains. From a comfy T to a great back pack, they've got all you need to break loose from the daily grind and get out there!