Sawyer Welcomes Jeremiah Kille May & June

Please join us May 10th from 6-9 PM to see a new collection from Jeremiah Kille. His work will be displayed May and June and all will be available for purchase. I am very excited about this will see COLOR! COLOR! COLOR! just in time for summer...

Jeremiah’s work is both inspired by and investigative of finality. Exploring themes of nature and coexistence,  he employs a multitude of stylistic approaches which range from loosely abstracted to highly rendered objects. These differing image styles are generally coexisting in a single piece thus creating a juxtaposition of reality and surrealism. He is best known for his narrative work that depicts themes of disenfranchised circus elephants, yet this is only a portion of his already developed, and collected, body of work.

Jeremiah Kille is a native of Santa Cruz, CA who began his career as a custom surfboard builder with strong communal ties to surf & skate culture. He would go on to receive a BFA from San Jose State and currently pursues painting at his studio full time.